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Selected work

  • 2023

    • Asian Development Bank

      ADB collects abundant data to support analysis of potential project social risks and impacts. A variety of domain experts have been involved in the collection of information and data, and these materials are stored in a variety of formats: PDF, Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel sheets, CSV, JSON, GeoJSON, KML, Shapefile, SQLite, MS SQL database, etc. These data are incorporated in the form of artefacts like tables, charts, or, maps, in reports made with Microsoft Word. Almost all the artefacts are created by a domain expert using a suitable software, subsequently inserted in the Word document.

      Over the course of the projects, which takes an average of 18 or more months, the data is updated many times. However, a significant number of these data updates fail to make it into the final reports.

      This project is an attempt to create a system to create living documents using Observable. Observable enables people with varying degree of technical know-how to collaborate, from sharing feedback as comments, writing text using Markdown, to creating visualisations using JavaScript. I used the tools created in the previous engagement with ADB as a stepping stone. Then I extended the tool kit with libraries to consolidate data, to draw responsive vector maps, and various other utilities. This new tool kit took us one step closer to living reports.

  • 2022

    • Asian Development Bank

      Many teams at ADB are collaborating on the Observable. To support them, I worked with data scientists at ADB to create a collection of easy-to-use geographic plots. Users can create plots from a CSV file and a Shapefile. To speed up the creation of data-based reports, we also created data tables, charts, and plots. The tools were built using D3.js and Plot.js. We created accessible colour systems and internationalisation tools to go with the plotting tools.

      An experimental project commissioned by Asian Development Bank to allow their internal teams to host custom surveys for their borrowers and partners on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. The whole project is composed of Observable notebooks, each of which can be forked and customized programmatically using just a browser. The data – questions and responses – is secured and isolated using AWS IAM policies.

      I was part of the three-person team, where my job was to design, architect, and implement the user interface. Aaron Dennis led, and Tom Larkworthy engineered the project.

  • 2021

    • JUXT

      JUXT rebranded their open source temporal database Crux to XTDB. The rebranding called for a new website for XTDB. The folks at JUXT invited me to design and build the website. We used Eleventy to build the website, and Antora to generate the documentation.

      AsciiDoc is the standard document format at JUXT. Eleventy doesn’t natively support AsciiDoc. The code to add support for AsciiDoc is now published as an open source Eleventy plugin.


      The team at is building an ML suite based on real-time models to fight credit card frauds. I worked with them to design and build a dashboard. As part of the dashboard, I developed custom visualizations using D3.js to depict the information generated in the suite.

  • 2020

    • CoinSwitch

      CoinSwitch Kuber enables people in India to invest in cryptocurrencies. I worked with the team at Coinswitch to improve their mobile app right after its launch. I helped to restructure the information architecture of the app. That enhanced the usability of the app – better navigation, faster access to user-owned assets, and better visibility of incentive-based promotions.

      We went on to improve the user referrals experience, increasing daily referrals by 30%. I also lead the design of the stop and limit order experiences.

    • Gojek

      I worked with design and product teams at Gojek to redesign their GoBiz app. The GoBiz app is the super app for merchants, catering services like GoFood, GoPay, point of sale payments and merchant promotions. The goal of the project was to scale the app for merchants who have multiple outlets and employees, together with opening up the app platform for third parties.

  • 2019

    • Bizom

      I lead the organizational and user research for Bizom. The insights from the research is used to create the yearly product development road map for the company.

      I collaborated with Activesphere in designing and building Bizom’s new analytics engine ELL, a new addition to their suite of products.

  • 2018

    • Midtrans

      Midtrans is one of the major payment gateways in Indonesia. Their tools and dashboards used by merchants were desktop oriented. Together with Activesphere and Midtrans’s team, we designed and built a front-end pattern library. The goal was to make user interface responsive and future-proof. We made UI components platform agnostic, so that they can be used with React based apps, as well as the legacy server rendered pages.

  • 2017

    • StoryWeaver by Pratham Books

      Storyweaver underwent an design revamp and build into a React powered progressive web app (PWA). I helped in translating visual designs into responsive and component friendly pieces. I collaborated with Ankur Sethi, Sidhartha Chatterjee and Uncommon.


      I designed the SaaS data security platform for Adya. Together with Ankur Sethi, I built the MVP using React and Redux.

    • Zoho

      I worked with Zoho to design the self-service portal of Desk by Zoho. The design is built into a backend agnostic components and maintained as a front-end living style guide.

  • 2016

    • by Aditya Birla

      I led the team in optimising design and front-end stack of We made into one of the fastest e-commerce website in India.

    • Alaris Prime

      I co-founded Alaris Prime with Brajeshwar. I over­looked design and de­vel­op­ment pro­jects the studio took on.

    • Razorfish

      I helped Razorfish India in adopting lean re­spons­ive web design and pat­tern lib­rary based de­vel­op­ment.

  • 2015

    • Compile

      I helped with concept, design, and development of Compile’s new website.

      I provided a study on improving the quality of data given to clients through regular end user feedbacks.

  • 2014

    • Compile

      I designed and developed unified interface for Compile’s products.

    • is a ticketing platform for live performances events. I conducted user research to understand low conversion rates on their websites. Based on the insights from research, I developed IA for the ticketing website for better conversion.

      In collaboration with Innoventes, I designed an events discovery iPhone App for Indianstage.

  • 2013

    • HashUniversity

      I designed interface for HashUniversity, an university ranking and search engine for USA.

    • Zoomdeck

      Zoomdeck is an online photo annotation and social networking service. I provided them information architecture, interface design and front end development. Later, I also designed and developed the website for Zoomdeck.

      I designed Zoomdeck for iPhone, the mobile companion for Zoomdeck’s rich media photo annotation service for web.

  • 2012

    • Cavium

      I provided information architecture and designed interface for NAS Storage Administration Tool.


      A search and shopping website for wines. I lead implementation of the responsive front end.

    • Gungroo

      Gungroo was a private social network for the families with emphasis on online child safety. I worked on product concept, design, and front end development, during the alpha phase of the product.

  • 2011

    • Cucumbertown

      The Cucumbertown is an online platform for cooking enthusiasts to showcase recipes, refine through collaboration and share. I was in charge of product design and front end development till the beta release of the platform.

    • Research programme with Bosch

      The project was part of an industry-academia research programme on In-Vehicle HMI with guidance from Bosch Engineering. The project concluded with designing a set of graphical symbols which enable better comprehension and retainability in Indian context.