Consulting for Startups

Your star­tup can’t af­ford a full time product de­signer?

I can mentor your team to put in place the right strategy for the multi-device web land­scape. I can provide prac­tical guid­ance to solve user ex­per­i­ence and front-end prob­lems.

The Package

I will keep aside 5 hours per week for you. You can util­ise the time over any pre­set 3 days of the week, with a least en­gage­ment of one hour in a day. The en­gage­ment can be of guid­ance, design cri­tiques, or code re­views, over con­fer­ence calls.

Are you based in Ban­galore and prefer to have a face-to-face en­gage­ment? You could util­ise the 5 hours per week over any pre­set 2 days of the week, with a least en­gage­ment of 2 hours in a day.