Mētis is typ­ic­ally trans­lated into Eng­lish as “cun­ning” or “cun­ning in­tel­li­gence.” While not wrong, this trans­la­tion fails to do justice to the range of know­ledge and skills rep­res­en­ted by mētis. Broadly un­der­stood, mētis rep­res­ents a wide ar­ray of prac­tical skills and ac­quired in­tel­li­gence in re­spond­ing to a con­stantly chan­ging nat­ural and hu­man en­vir­on­ment.

Kelly ex­plains why we should de­velop and main­tain the un­der­stand­ing of a pro­ject in or­der to suc­ceed. Fail­ure to do so is one of the ma­jor reason big re­writes or re­designs fails.

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