Less Harder Relationships

Build­ing and main­ta­ing suc­cess­ful busi­ness re­la­tion­ships are very hard. But in my ex­per­i­ence I have seen cer­tain rules which we can fol­low to make it less harder. Here is one of such rule I fol­low.

In your very first meet­ing with the cli­ent or part­ner, ask:

  1. What are they try­ing to do?
  2. Why are they try­ing to do it?
  3. How are they go­ing to do it?
  4. What are the res­ults to ex­pect?

After you get the an­swers to these ques­tions and un­der­stood well, you tell them, “This is what you are good at. This is what you are not good at. This is how you work. These are your val­ues. This is the res­ult you ex­pect to de­liver”.

Most of the times the cli­ent’s reply for me was, “It is very good that you told these in ad­vance; it is very help­ful”. I have seen some cli­ents re­spect­ing and men­tion­ing my above said points even after a six months into the en­gage­ment.

Oth­ers are also in­di­vidu­als just like us, with their own quirks. We need to find a way to make these quirks to work to­gether to make the re­la­tion­ship fruit­ful. These ques­tions will help you un­der­stand their quirks and con­vey them yours. More on this mat­ter, Peter F. Drucker has writ­ten very well in his little book Man­aging One­self.

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