Know Your Customers’ “Jobs to Be Done”

Today, every com­pany know their users and pro­spects through the huge amount of data they have on them. Still many of these com­pany struggle to make their product or ser­vices a suc­cess. They mis­take cor­rel­a­tion for caus­al­ity. Clayton and oth­ers walk us through the pro­cess of know­ing the caus­al­ity.

While it’s ex­cit­ing to find pat­terns in the num­bers, they don’t mean that one thing ac­tu­ally caused an­other. And though it’s no sur­prise that cor­rel­a­tion is­n’t caus­al­ity, we sus­pect that most man­agers have grown com­fort­able basing de­cisions on cor­rel­a­tions.

Also, watch the present­a­tion ‘No One Wants a Loan’ by Bob Moesta, the guy who de­veloped ‘jobs to be done’.

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