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Know your customers’ “jobs to be done”

Today, every company know their users and prospects through the huge amount of data they have on them. Still many of these company struggle to make their product or services a success. They mistake correlation for causality. Clayton and others walk us through the process of knowing the causality.

While it’s exciting to find patterns in the numbers, they don’t mean that one thing actually caused another. And though it’s no surprise that correlation isn’t causality, we suspect that most managers have grown comfortable basing decisions on correlations.

Also, watch the presentation ‘No One Wants a Loan’ by Bob Moesta, the guy who developed ‘jobs to be done’.

Update: Wondering how “jobs to be done” can help in product and feature development? Listen to the podcast Jobs to Be Done is Product Management by Karen Dillon, co-author of the book Competing Against Luck.

The reason people buy a product is not just for its functional dimensions, it’s to do the job they’re trying to get done.

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