Harry’s Notes from Patterns Day

In these notes Harry asks some in­ter­est­ing ques­tions about pat­tern lib­rar­ies. You won’t be dis­ap­poin­ted by his own an­swers.

‘Ques­tion your need for pat­terns. Ask­ing the ef­fort of mak­ing and main­tain­ing pat­terns equal to what teams or or­gan­isa­tions get out of hav­ing some?’. Re­mem­ber ‘We’re not cre­at­ing a design sys­tem, we’re cre­at­ing a solu­tion to a prob­lem.’

…the ne­ces­sity of get­ting de­cision makers to back pat­terns. Oth­er­wise they die from lack of money and at­ten­tion.

Stor­ies about saved time and bet­ter con­sist­ency aren’t enough to get back­ing. You need met­rics too; How many ser­vices are us­ing the pat­terns. How much value teams build­ing ser­vices and people us­ing them get from pat­terns? How does this vary from one ser­vice to an­other?

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