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Everything is temporary

Every time I update my portfolio with a new work I look at the past works and think, ‘they no longer exist.’ The websites I had made, and the apps I had designed were long been replaced with new versions, or dead.

Every time I send my portfolio to prospective clients I feel embarrassed. What if they ask me, “hey Saneef, I tried to check this website you have designed, and it doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Knowing your work is temporary can be a bit freeing and adds some protection from worrying about trends and/or being the best ever in the world at ______.”

Dan Cederholm, ‘Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community’

Those words from Dan do give me some relief.

But, I’m curious, do any parts of my work survive into the later versions?

I’m available for new projects from February 2022.

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