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Everything is temporary

Every time I update my portfolio with a new work I look at the past works and think, ‘they no longer exist.’ The websites I had made, and the apps I had designed were long been replaced with new versions, or dead.

Every time I send my portfolio to prospective clients I feel embarrassed. What if they ask me, “hey Saneef, I tried to check this website you have designed, and it doesn’t exist anymore.”

“Knowing your work is temporary can be a bit freeing and adds some protection from worrying about trends and/or being the best ever in the world at ______.”

Dan Cederholm, ‘Twenty Bits I Learned About Design, Business & Community’

Those words from Dan do give me some relief.

But, I’m curious, do any parts of my work survive into the later versions?



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Nevets D'laboed

Nevets D'laboed

i don't know if i'd thought about it this way before, but this is another good reason to work exclusively in open design everything is temporary on a long enough timescale, but closed designs, closed source, closed literature, and closed data barely even exists at all

I’ll be available for long-term projects from October 2023. Meanwhile, open for smaller projects.

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