Design Thinking Is Bullshit

Design think­ing, as I see ad­op­ted by many star­tups today are shal­low, jar­gon-rich and Post-its heavy charades. Nata­sha ex­plains the real design think­ing, and what do we ac­tu­ally need to move design for­ward in her talk.

Natasha Jen, ‘Design Thinking is Bullshit’, 99U Conference, June 7–9, 2017, New York

Design think­ing pack­ages a de­sign­er’s ways of work­ing for a non-de­signer audi­ence by co­di­fy­ing their pro­cesses into a per­spect­ive, step-by-step ap­proach to cre­at­ive prob­lem solv­ing – claim­ing that it can be ap­plied by any­one to any prob­lem. Nata­sha Jen

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