Design Thinking Builds Strong Teams

I can see al­most all the de­sign­ers out there fight­ing against the ‘hippo design meth­od­o­logy’. I re­com­mend them to ad­opt the ideas from this art­icle in their pro­cess.

Tra­di­tion­ally, or­gan­iz­a­tional hier­archy plays a role in whose ideas and opin­ions are heard. Too of­ten, com­pan­ies use the “hippo design meth­od­o­logy” (make de­cisions based on the highest-paid per­son’s opin­ion) and the loudest voice or the highest rank wins. In the design-think­ing pro­cess, team mem­bers use sticky notes to write down their ideas and no in­di­vidu­al’s idea is lar­ger or louder. As ideas are put up on the wall, they each carry equal weight and are an­onym­ous. This method equally fa­vors in­tro­verts and ex­tro­verts, bosses and sub­al­terns.

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