Cleaning Up

Two things I learned about my­self since I star­ted main­tain­ing a blog. One, I don’t have much to say. Two, my in­terest in pho­to­graphy is de­clin­ing day by day. These were evid­ent by look­ing at the dates of posts on the homepage. The last art­icle was pos­ted a year ago.

The old and stink­ing stuff is al­ways at home page. That did­n’t mo­tiv­ate me to write more posts. It just mo­tiv­ated me to do a cleanup. So I moved all stale items to the back rooms and kept a short in­form­a­tion about me on the front.


Up un­til now, I was us­ing Word­press to main­tain my web­site. Last week I gathered some cour­age and threw the Word­press out of the win­dow. It’s time for flat files.

I tried a couple of flat file CMSes: Sta­cey App (PHP), Je­kyll (Ruby) and Win­ter­smith (Node.js).

Sta­cey App is more of a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem, where as Je­kyll and Win­ter­smith are just static site gen­er­at­ors. You keep your con­tent as text files, Je­kyll or Win­ter­smith can gen­er­ate HTML files which can be hos­ted on any serv­ers.

One im­port­ant cri­teria on se­lec­tion of the CMS was that, I should be able to group the con­tents of an art­icle and its re­lated as­sets (im­ages, javas­cript or PDFs) to­gether in a folder. Sta­cey in it’s doc­u­ment­a­tion says you can do this but never worked for me. Even though I liked its ease of set­ting-up, I de­cided against it be­cause of the same folder for con­tent and as­set is­sue. The same was the situ­ation with Je­kyll, you have to keep the art­icle as­sets in a com­mon place. If any­one look­ing for a flat file CMS and don’t mind keep­ing the as­sets in a com­mon folder, Sta­cey App is a good choice.

Win­ter­smith handles the con­tent and as­set group­ing very well. The core concept of Win­ter­smith is Con­tent­Tree, a nes­ted ob­ject of all the files. The frame­work just gives you the con­tent tree within its jade tem­plat­ing en­gine. We have to manu­ally do the se­lec­tion and sort­ing of the art­icles with help of un­der­score.js. This flex­ib­il­ity with Javas­cript and art­icle-as­sets group­ing made me choose Win­ter­smith.

Once the HTML files are gen­er­ated, I push the pages to the web server us­ing GIT.

Do you have any thoughts on this art­icle? Write to me.