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A sign of wisdom

An ingredient of wisdom is the ability to internalise contrasting set of ideologies. Thus, one should be able to decide which ideology is optimum for any instances of practical applications, without any bias.

In typography, symmetry and asymmetry are long debated ideas. Many of the beginners as well as the advanced books on typography forbids the use of symmetrical typography. Where as, see how the master typographer—Jan Tschichold—teaches.

“The argument about symmetry and asymmetry is futile. They each have their own areas and special possibilities. One should not believe, however, that asymmetrical composition is unconditionally more modern or even absolutely better merely because it is younger. Even in the best of cases, asymmetry is in no way simpler or easier to set than symmetry, and to turn up one’s nose at symmetrical typesetting because it seems antiquated is simple a sign of limited maturity. A catalog set asymmetrical may demonstrate military order. In a book set in this fashion, the flow of reading would be disrupted. Asymmetrical letterheads may be better than symmetrical ones, but asymmetrical small advertisements look terrible when they are combined one a page. In typography neither old style or a new style matters; quality does.”

Jan Tschichold, ‘On Typography’, The Form of the Book: Essays on the Morality of Good Design

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