A Design System Grammar

Daniel Eden de­scribes a well craf­ted pat­tern lib­rary:

One of the most ap­peal­ing things about de­fin­ing a pat­tern lan­guage or design sys­tem in this way is the flex­ib­il­ity that it af­fords. For novice build­ers who just need a high-level com­pon­ent or concept of their pro­ject, they can find it at the top of the heir­archy and use the com­pon­ent as it comes. For those pi­on­eer­ing new ex­per­i­ences or ex­per­i­ment­ing bey­ond the con­fines of ex­ist­ing pro­duce sur­face, they can take those high-level com­pon­ents and con­cepts and de­con­struct them into their com­pos­ite parts; they can keep do­ing this un­til they have the prim­it­ive, atomic com­pon­ents they need to con­struct a be­spoke pat­tern that still fits with har­mony in the wider sys­tem.

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