Explain, not justify

I keep a list of clients – the teams – which I like to work with again. I qualify the teams based on handful of rules. The is one of them. Never work with a…

A Sign of Wisdom

An ingredient of wisdom is the ability to internalise contrasting set of ideologies. Thus, one should be able to decide which ideology is optimum for any…

Less Harder Relationships

Building and maintaing successful business relationships are very hard. But in my experience I have seen certain rules which we can follow to make it less…

Architecture Does Not Exist

Words of Louis I. Kahn about an aspect of architecture. These words are true for the domain of design too.

Cleaning Up

Two things I learned about myself since I started maintaining a blog. One, I don’t have much to say. Two, my interest in photography is declining day by day…

Hotel Meierhof




My Question for Fukushima Visualization Designers

Thoughts on the discussion panel by Marian Steinbach and Konstantin Weiss during UXCamp Europe.

Rating Recipes with Stars

A note on how we decided and modelled a rating system for our project on cooking recipes.

It’s Raining